Community Success stories

Poppy Knitting success story

Volunteers from the craft group have been busy knitting poppies to support the British Legion.

Poppies are available for a small donation at the hub every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Or if you would like to get involved with knitting the poppies, come along to the hub on Monday afternoons between 1.30pm - 3.30pm.  



Boris & the Tilbury Hub

One sunny Wednesday morning Chris a Tilbury hub volunteer noticed a man hovering outside of the Hub waving his phone around.

Chris approached this man and asked him if he was ok. The man said that he needed an internet cafe as he was a Russian Sailor who had docked at the port and wanted to let his family know he had made the trip safe and sound. Chris told him that there was a cyber cafe nearby but there was also Wifi connection at the hub.

Chris gave Boris the token to get Wifi on his phone so he was able to contact his family back home. Boris then joined Chris for a cup of coffee, biscuits and a good chat.

Boris was incredibly thankful to Chris for all he had done and told him that he would call into the hub whenever he docks in Tilbury again.

Upon leaving Boris left Chris a lovely note of thanks and he has since popped back into the hub and referred the hub services back to his crew members.