Tilbury Hub Partners

Tilbury Hub works with a number of partners from the community, voluntary sector and local and public agencies.

Tilbury Forum 

 Tilbury Community Forum was launched as part of the Community Governance programme. There are a number of forums covering most communities in Thurrock. The advantage of having a forum is that local people can have a say on issues or decisions that affect their community.

One of the roles of the Tilbury Forum is to establish a link between Thurrock Council and other service providers such as the police and health within a community and give local people the opportunity to raise concerns or hear about local plans.


As an independent community group, we are able to apply for funding and use the money to enhance or create various local projects or initiatives such as community gardens, park facilities and much more.

The Tilbury Forum gives residents a chance of being involved in local decisions, so why not pop along to their next meeting, visit
www.thurrockcommunityforums.org.uk for more information.

ngage / Volunteer Centre / Timebank 

ngage is a community organisation that has been supporting and developing communities in Thurrock since 1998.

We work with residents to promote `active citizenship` and volunteering opportunities, and encourage them to play a bigger part in their local community and get involved in local decision making.

We have been supporting the community hub programme since its inception and support the recruitment and training of community hubs volunteers.

Our projects include Volunteer Centre Thurrock and the Timebank Thurrock aswell as other community projects such as Make a difference days, youth volunteering etc.

For more information contact 01375 389893 or visit our website at www.ngagethurrock.org.uk

Thurrock CVS 

Thurrock CVS is an infrastructure organisation that supports voluntary and community based organisations in Thurrock.


They do this by working behind the scenes to ensure the long-term future of essential services. Much of the work that CVS does focuses on several key areas:-

• Services and support;
• Development work;
• Liaison;
• Representation;
• Strategic partnerships

Thurrock CVS support the community hub programme across Thurrock and are a lead partner.

CVS provide support in the form of funding advice, training, access to meeting rooms and equipment, newsletters and specialist services.

For more information about Thurrock CVS visit their website at http://www.thurrockcvs.org/Core/Thurrock-CVS/Pages/Default.aspx