Hub Volunteer Stories

I have been trying to get help for the Tilbury Community for several years, and I’m very proud of the fact that the Tilbury Hub is now up and running. And the Tilbury Community is gaining confidence in the hub as time goes by. I’m so proud.

 I remember a time when I was volunteering, a young man was walking up and down outside the hub. I asked the man if I could help him, he told me that he was a stranger to the area and that he was looking for a cybercafé to use his phone. I told the young man that the Hub/Library had Wi-Fi facilities and that he was welcome to use them. I gave him a Wi-Fi code and a nice soft armchair, made him a cup of tea and gave him a biscuit. It turns out that the young man was a Russian Seaman away from home for the first time and he wanted to let his family know that he was safe and sound, after he finished he came to thank the hub and we still see him from time to time when he is in town and yes, he lets his family in Russia know that he is safe and well. Yes, a little kindness and respect goes a very long way.

Chris T

have been volunteering for over 17 years’ and been a part of Tilbury Hub since day one. My roles at the Hub include the meet and greet on the desk helping people as they enter the building. I also help people with issues concerning the council and housing which I know due to being a member of the Thurrock Council Excellence Panel. 

I decided the volunteer to give back to the community and help those in need. It also keeps my mind active and gives me something to do during the week, I have made a lot of friends since joining the Hub and I have become more social when talking to new people.

I recommend volunteering as it’s a good way to keep busy and it helps the community.


Carol P

I have been a volunteer at the Tilbury Hub since day one, and I have enjoyed every moment. I meet and greet people as they enter the building and supply with tea and coffee and any other refreshments available. I also helped create and manage the Nitter Natter group that meets every Monday at the Hub, it’s a great way for people to meet and have a chat while getting on with some knitting. I enjoy the company and meeting new people at the Hub, and I have learnt many new things since being here, my knowledge of technology has improved for example using the printers and the photocopiers. As a result, I can now use the tech I have at home without an issue.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to improve your skills and your personal development and would absolutely recommend it.

June Q

My name is Jean Eacott and I’m a volunteer for the Tilbury Hub because I’m a people person, and for me this is a golden opportunity to meet and talk to people.


I first joined the Hub a year ago, and because of my back-ground I found myself co-ordinating a craft afternoon every Monday which now called Knit 2 natter, and is open to all crafts. Every Friday afternoon there is a table top session which I attend whenever I can. My interests have always been craft work and reading, so for me having a Hub in the local library is just the ideal place. A place where you can come for information have a cup of tea and meet people. I have made so many friends here and the atmosphere and the people are so warm and friendly, I would recommend it to anyone. And it’s also a place where you can learn new skills.

Jean E